Exol lubricants

Exol Lubricant Supplies

Environmental concerns have led to a growth in ecologically sensitive, biodegradable lubricants and Exol Ultramax BD 32 and BD 46 reflect this.

They are particularly suitable for use where accidental spillages would otherwise have a serious environmental impact.

Free from zinc and other heavy metal additives and it is the product of several years extensive field testing on the railway network. Ultramax BD 46 has a low pour point to ensure adequate flow on even the coldest winter mornings.

Exol Taurus SHPD 15W/40 E7

Exol taurus 15w-40 oil

Ultramax BD 32

Exol Ultramax BD 32 oil

Ultramax BD 46

Exol Ultramax BD 46 oil

Optima LSG 5W-30

Exol Optima C3 LSG 5W/30 oil

Optima LSP 5W-30

Exol Optima c2 LSP 5w/30 oil

Optima Vimax FD 5W-30

Exol Optima FD 5w/30 oil