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Wessex GS Ltd trading as Kingdon Wessex

To apply for credit please complete the form below and supply any additional information relevant to your application, we'll be in touch within the next few working days regarding your application.

We may request additional information from you which can be sent via email to: or post to: Credit Control Department, Kingdon Wessex, Roundhead Road, Heathfield Industrial Estate, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6UE.

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a) That the maximum amount of credit granted at any time will be the amount confirmed to the customer. This amount may be varied from time to time by Kingdon Wessex hereinafter called the Company.
b) That within such limit the account may be used for all goods and services provided by the Company on credit terms.
c) Terms of settlement are strictly 30 days end of month without exception.
d) The Company reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities if payment is not received in accordance with condition (c) above.
e) That in the event of credit facilities being withdrawn due to late payment, other transactions will only be made on a cash sale basis provided the overdue account is settled promptly.
f) In the event of any statement from the applicant being found to be untrue, credit facilities will be withdrawn.
g) Note: neither submission of this form, nor our acceptance of your credit application shall give rise to a legally binding contract for the provision of credit between us and you. Only when you agree to purchase goods and/or services from us will a binding contract come into force between us.

We will apply to the companies you have provided as references and make a search with credit reference agencies and will use the results as the basis of our decision to offer you credit facilities with us. We will keep records of these searches and may share the information with other businesses. We may also make enquiries about the principal directors, proprietors or partners with credit reference agencies. We may also make enquiries about the principal directors, proprietors or partners with credit reference agencies.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms on which we offer credit and you agree that, subject to our acceptance of your application, any credit offered to you by us will be subject to the terms and conditions set out above, to which you agree to be bound.