DAF Truck Sales

Established in 1980, Kingdon Wessex is the South West’s exclusive DAF Trucks dealership offering sales of new and used DAF trucks along with unrivalled servicing and parts support across the region. Kingdon Wessex has partnered with DAF for nearly 40 years due to the exceptional value that DAF vehicles offer our customers:

  • From 7.5 to 44 tonnes, DAF is the market leader across all sectors
  • Designed for maximum efficiency, reliability and the best driver comfort
  • Fully Customisable smart chassis layouts & attractive cabs set the standard in the industry
  • Backed by the best service for maximum uptime

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Smart Tachographs

1st September 2019

From the 15th June 2019 any newly registered trucks will be legally required to be fitted with the latest generation smart tachograph system. This is the most significant change to tachographs since the introduction of digital tachographs back in 2006.

What is a smart tachograph?

Smart tachographs are the new generation of on-board mandatory digital recorders to enforce the EU legislation on professional drivers driving and resting times. The new features make full use of advanced digital technologies such as satellite positioning (GNSS), short range communication for road enforcers (DSRC) and interconnection with other telematics applications (such as smart parking or pay as you drive apps), through a harmonised Intelligent Transport System interface.

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Parts Sales

Parts Sales

Most urgent parts requirements can be delivered within hours from our stock of over 8,000 separate lines through our fleet of 24 parts vans delivering up to five time a day, Monday to Saturday, depending on location.

Items that we don’t hold in stock can generally be delivered next day via DAF Parts Distribution centres.

Need items on demand? Ask about our ‘Imprest’ stock facility whereby we hold critical components on your site and you pay as you use.

DAF Genuine Parts are produced using the latest technology and first-class materials. The parts are specially designed for your DAF truck, so you can rely on them to work perfectly together and they come with a DAF full warranty. 

With TRP, Kingdon Wessex offer a wide range of parts and workshop consumables for all truck and trailer brands, regardless of type or age. A genuine one-stop-shop with a single contact person, a single visit and a single bill.

DAF Connect Fleet Management

DAFAid Roadside Assistance in the UK

If the worst should happen, you’ll need assistance – fast. Accepted as the best in the business, DAFaid has an industry best time from initial call to vehicle moving of only 96 minutes. Just call 0800 919395.